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So, I called this morning at about 9:30am to get PET scan results, but Dr. Siegel and his CPN were in clinicals.  Call back at 4, says Linda in the office.  I called back at 4:40 and the good doc … Continue reading

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Piece of cake

Today was PET scan day.  No big news.  I got up at 6:30am to fix and consume a veggie omelet before my 6 hour fast.  My stomach was growling by the time I left the house with John at 11:40. … Continue reading

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Put away the toolbox

Here I sit on this AMAZING Autumn day…on my screened in porch, sipping green tea (Organic & Pure decaf green tea with lemon grass…delish!), and typing whilst my dog begs for attention.  I am still  trying to figure out how … Continue reading

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Planting a (mustard) seed

About two years ago, I began to really dig deep into the world of cancer.  Not by choice.  Nobody chooses it without the incentive of a paycheck!  October 7, 2008 was my first chemo experience.  I remember it vividly.  I … Continue reading

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I need another PET

Hello yet again, Got the call this morning from Doc Siegel’s office requesting that I get another scan.  A PET one this time.  For those of you out of the med jargon loop, a PET scan is done to see … Continue reading

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As Alice Cooper said, “I’m eighteen and I like it”

Hello again y’all, I have spoken with Dr. Siegel this morning.  Remember, he’s the Liver Guy.  We chatted about my MRI taken last Thursday.  Here’s what we know for sure… There are 18, shall we say, “alternate landscape features” on … Continue reading

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not so savvy after all

Hi All, Well, embarassingly, I couldn’t easily figure out how to configure the other blog.  So, this new spot will be home to my little bloggy fingers.  I have a few pictures up which show my family and me at … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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