I play offense.  I’m on team SAL (stay alive longer) playing against MBC (metastatic breast cancer).  We’re both in the NEL (national epidemic league).  And I play offense.  Because I want to move my team ahead.  I want to play hard for the big win.  I want to be the hero.  Most days my offense consists of a few servings of cruciferous veggies along with an assortment of other fruits and veggies.  Some meat, sometimes.  Some carbs.  Some people think I’m picky.  But, if you pick the wrong teammates, your team gets sluggish.  Some days I am a bit more relaxed, just staying in my triple threat stance, daring a cell to go rogue, but not seeking out that cell aggressively.  Some days I go so far as to consume potato chips or a piece of cake!  Outlandish!  And, some people find my way of living offensive.  I admittedly have trouble not talking about everything that enters my world…food, in particular.  I am very passionate about food.  Food is yummy.  Good food is yummy.  Bad food is yummy.  But, good food makes you feel good and bad food makes you feel bad.  Does that offend you?  Do you know when you’re eating bad food?  If I tell you, will you understand that I’m trying to be on the offense, but not offensive?  We are in a battle here.  Seriously.  Obesity is rampant.  50% of us will get cancer.  This is not ok.  We are living longer, ya ya ya.  But, that’s our parents.  Will we?  Will we have a good quality of life?  How about our kids.  When you were growing up how often did you eat fast food?  How often do you let your kids?  We are regressing.

This puts me on the offense.  I already have the big C, I NEED to play offense.  I need to do EVERYTHING I can to stay on team SAL.  I need to eat right, I need to reduce stress, I need to think more, pray more.  I am constantly strategizing…I have plenty of offenses to run.  I run Eat Veggies.  I mix it up with Exercise Daily.  And the ace in my back pocket is Have Faith.  If I tell you about my playbook, is that offensive?

You can play defense for now, probably.  You can throw out an arm and block those rogue cells.  You can afford to be relaxed and not so aggressive.  You might not even think about what you’re putting in your mouth, on your skin, spraying into your air.  But, while many think the best offense is a strong defense, I think we need to mix it up.  It’s really not enough to just defend yourself.  You need to stay ahead in the health game.  You need to be proactive.  Play offense with me.  Tell someone you love that they should sit down to eat.  They should put food on their plate and not refill it.  Their plate should be full of fruit and veggies and garnished with meat and grains.  This isn’t just me talking, you can read the benefits of this anywhere…everywhere.  It’s not ok to have pancakes for breakfast, an Italian meats panini at lunch, and stew for dinner.  You need green food.  Lots of green food.  Try to add a little at a time.  Try to drink green juice.  Just try.  Give up sweet drinks.  Drink less caffeine.  Drink more water.

I never mean to offend anyone.  We are all striving to be politically correct.  But, if we socially ostracized the fast food eaters like we do smokers.  Hmm.  That would be interesting.  If we made faces at overweight people (hey, I have pounds to lose, I hear ya!) the way we make faces when someone next to us lights a cigarette, hmmm.  If we said, you want “more” with a bit of disgust in our voices…Well, we’d definitely be offensive.  It’s difficult to change.  But, I can tell you, chemo ain’t no picnic.  If you want to be defensive, ok.  I guess that means I offended.  But if my offense works….I can change the world!


About nancy5vic

40-something year old cancer goddess (hah...make that 50-something now!!) raising four children and one husband. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2008. Love to travel, cook, bake and spend time with my kids and friends. My perfect day always starts with breakfast out...especially fantastic if I'm with John.
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4 Responses to Offensive?

  1. YAPCaB says:

    Cool post! You go girl!

  2. Laura Gregg says:

    Took the toaster strudel out of my daughter’s hand and replaced it with a hard boiled egg this morning. I had broccoli but couldn’t force that on her. Thank You.

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