Love Means Nothing

I’m sitting in the hot sun, legs and arms outstretched.  I keep hearing, “love all”, mostly in sweet teen girl voices.  No, I’m not at a revival.  Not even close!  The only thing remotely religious about this experience is that my daughter is in a uniform for Walsh Jesuit High School.  I’m at a tennis match.  And I chuckle at the beginning of each game as the scores are bumbled out of the girls’ mouths.  The game never starts, “zero-zero” or “nothing-nothing”.  Every game starts with a girl saying, “love all”.  Even though love means…nothing.  Isn’t that great!  What a great sport.  If you have nothing, you have love.

And each and every game, there is that reminder.ana-ivanovic-lost-at-the-2009-u-s-open-tennis-tournament

There are other times when love means nothing.  When you’re raising children and they hit you with the barrage of “can I have”s, you say…nothing.  It is your way of showing your kids that things aren’t important.  They sometimes get nothing and realize that they will survive.

How about when you’re sitting with your partner or a good friend and there’s a few moments of silence?  That sweet, tender space lingers between you.  There is no rush to fill the nothing with idle prattle.  There is nothing cold or hostile about the silence.  The air just patiently waits between you for the next significant words to be expressed.  And when that silent air becomes comfortable, that’s when you know the person you’re with is very special.

Another time I think love is nothing is when I grocery shop.  To respect the animals/earth, what does an animal or plant need from us…practically nothing.  But they need a sustainable environment.  The kind the settlers found when they landed here hundreds of years ago.  Bees need to pollinate, chickens need to hunt and peck, cows/bison need grass.  They all need fresh water that isn’t contaminated run off.  They were doing just fine before we overfarmed them.  Perhaps we don’t need to feed off a cow daily.  Imagine the methane we could eliminate if so many cows weren’t eliminating!  Anyhow, that’s why I support organic farmers whenever I can.  They have chosen to not artificially control their plants and animals.  They have to work soooo hard!!!  Because their way of producing uses almost nothing. (pesticide-wise)

To all the poor middle aged men out there, married to post-menopausal women.  We love and cherish you so much.  Even if you’re usually getting…nothing!  Remember the beginning of this, even when you have nothing, you have love.  haha





About nancy5vic

40-something year old cancer goddess (hah...make that 50-something now!!) raising four children and one husband. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2008. Love to travel, cook, bake and spend time with my kids and friends. My perfect day always starts with breakfast out...especially fantastic if I'm with John.
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One Response to Love Means Nothing

  1. Joy says:

    Oh, this is nothing……and wonderful, Nancy!!

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