Not idle chatter

I have idols.  Just a few.  John is one of them.  It amazes me that I married this guy.  This full grown 6 year old.  He runs a multi-million dollar company but he loves to play four square in the driveway…or the street.  His plate is full all day at work with all sorts of frustrations, but they NEVER come home with him.  Mother Theresa is another idol.  I cannot fathom living in India.  I cannot fathom living in the streets.  It is beyond my wildest imagination to do both.  I understand the corporal works of mercy.  My favorite has always been “feed the hungry”, but hers was to “bury the dead”.  Well, she tried to care for the sick, but often the care became care for a body with no spirit left in it.  But, it was the final dignity that she cared about.  And the notion that perhaps she kept some diseases from spreading by removing bodies from the street.  I have never seen a body in the street, let alone dozens.  She amazed/amazes me.   Another hero I have is David Servan-Schreiber.  He is a very handsome Frenchman, a doctor, an author.  He helped to start up the Nobel Prize winning organization “Doctors without Borders”.  And he dared to live when other doctors told him he might not.  He dared to question research studies.  Not their validity…not because everything has to be “triple-blind”…but because research is only ultimately done on things that will bring a profit to someone.  No one really spends their life proving that broccoli or blueberries are quite powerful medicine.  Ya, the nutritionists and health magazines write a blip.  But, you NEVER see an ad that says, “Do you have cancer?  Ask your doctor about the benefit of eating broccoli.  If you combine it with tomatoes…wow, it sure is powerful”.  Who would pay for the ad?  Oh ya, those broccoli farmers are rolling in the big bucks.  I laugh when I look at, say, an overactive bladder ad.  The disclaimers/side effects are TWO pages long.  What would it be for broccoli?  One line…”May cause gas until your system adjusts to a serving or two per day”.  So, along comes this French guy.  He’s a neuroscientist.  While conducting a study, he finds his own brain tumor.  Imagine!  He undergoes treatment, seems cured, life goes on.  It comes back.  Now he’s pissed.  But, this motivates him to complement his cancer treatment.  He chooses to also eat really good food.  Not Julia Child style French fare..stuff that could grow in our gardens (if we planted it!).  And he lives a good long time.  Dr. David lived 20 years past his initial diagnosis.  I wish he died of malaria saving little children.  I wish he died white water rafting down some awesome river.  But, alas, his cancer metastasized and that killed him.  Just last week.  50 years old.  It seems to me that he had so much left to give us all.  So much more research in his field.  So much more hope for those of us seeking wellness despite stupid cancer.  But, he’s gone from us.  I never knew him, but I miss him.  The whole idea of him.  He was undaunted by his cancer.  He carried on in a very zealous way.  He lived an engaging life.

Shit, all I did today was laundry.  Oh, and I made some home made pizza and visited the farmer’s market.  I drove my kids around and went to exercise.  Now, I’ll shower and go buy groceries.  No Nobel Prize material there.  But, my heros are with me…I even get to live with one!  And maybe tomorrow I’ll save the world.


About nancy5vic

40-something year old cancer goddess (hah...make that 50-something now!!) raising four children and one husband. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2008. Love to travel, cook, bake and spend time with my kids and friends. My perfect day always starts with breakfast out...especially fantastic if I'm with John.
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2 Responses to Not idle chatter

  1. Tom Vicarel says:

    Thanks sis! I never heard of Dr Dave…but now i miss him too! God rest his soul. And here’s to broccoli!!!

  2. paige says:

    Beautiful sentiment regarding Dr. David. He was and will remain a big hero to me too. I will honor him by eating my broccolli.

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